• "Shipping Info"

    The items that we sell are small enough that we can usually ship through UPS or USPS. Recently, I added items that will have to be shipped Motor Freight. The reason I don't include shipping in on the pricing is because it depends on where in the US the package is going and how big the package is. But for the most part it is reasonably priced.

    All of our packages are boxed and bubble wrapped. Great care is taken on our packaging. I'm not in the shipping business so I'm not looking to make money on the shipping part of it. I will leave these links below so that you can price the shipping for yourself. If you need help in figuring the shipping cost just e-mail me click here. I will need your zip code. Insurance is optional, but Highly Recommended..

    Please Note

    Please Note We have NO control over the items after they are received by the shipping agency, whether it is by ups, usps, motor freight, We will not be responsible for the items after they are in the hands of these shipping agencies. Although they are pretty good about packages arriving safely. That is why we "Highly Recommend" purchasing insurance for your items..

    Thanks, and I look forward to doing business with you!

    Steve Wilkerson