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Furniture Making

Furniture making is an art & form of expression!

Furniture making has been around since the beginning of time! There are lot's of different types and styles of furniture. If you like working with your hands, then your already 1up!

Furniture making can be very rewarding too you as the craftsman and all that is around you!

A lot is to be considered when furniture making! What I mean, the wood that's going to be used, the design of the piece, where's the piece going to be placed (indoors, outdoors, hot, cold) you see, a lot to considered..

The reason behind this is, wood will expand & contract with temperature changes. Some woods more then others. Also, a very important element is moister content in the wood.

A moister content of about 6-8% is ideal for furniture making!

I myself, like to stick with the earlier period furniture. Around 18th century style! But that's just me!

Back then furniture making was done by hand.. and that to me, is true craftsmanship! Below you will see a piece that I built using Tiger Maple Wood!

Furniture making, tiger maple cupboard!

The frame work is put together using hand cut dovetails. But that's just my preference! There are all kinds of woods, veneers that can be used.

I use solid wood, again, you have to remember about the expansion & contraction factor of the wood your using.

I just said all that to say, woodworking & furniture making is very rewarding, and you don't need a state of the art shop & tools to do it!

Is all you need is the "Will & Desirer" and you'll be well on the way!

Now, I would like to give you a gift! This is a series that I've put together to educate people on furniture making! It's about the history of furniture.. It starts back in Biblical times... It's a very good series, everyone that reads it, will benefit from it! Simply sign up below and get started today!

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