Unique & Fine Tiger Maple Furniture

Tiger Maple Shed

Tiger Maple Shed brings you 18th-century style furniture. It is handcrafted, solid wood with a high figure, that you can hand down for the generation to come.

I’m an online hobbyist custom furniture maker that constructs 18th-century style furniture pieces. Mainly smaller things such as candle boxes, trunks, wall clocks and more, also, some shakers style pieces that you and your children will get years of enjoyment out of it.
 Tried and true old fashion techniques that last for generations.

About Me

Hey, I’m Steven Wilkerson, by trade I’m a Union Boilermaker. I’ve pretty much have done that type of work most my life. I enjoy woodworking as a hobby and passionate about 18th-century furniture. So-much-so, that I built a website back in 2004, and started to make this type of furniture. Not as a business, but as a hobby.

What Can You Except?

As stated above, I do this as a hobby. The pieces you see on this site are pieces that I have crafted for other people. Which are done using old fashion joinery, in turn, it’s furniture that will last for decades! Made In USA!

Also, this is not a brick & mortar business there is no physical store. Just a website, so if your ever this neck of woods (Kentucky) you will not find a store (Tiger Maple Shed). You can still drop in and have some beans & cornbread though.

When you contact or what me to build something for you, sometimes I can get right to it, and other times it might be a while, do to my other job. Could be a Month or so. Nope, no production line here, Just two hands and the will the good Lord gave me!

It's the small things that count

Furniture says a lot about a person, and it’s the small things that bring that home decor together — not made of cardboard or particle board but small pieces of furniture that are going to last for generations. Custom built out of beautiful and unique Tiger Maple wood that can put the sizzle and life back in your home furniture decor.

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Beautiful Tiger Maple Corner Cabinet!

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