Tiger Maple Furniture

Unique & Fine Reproduction Tiger Maple Furniture!

Reprodution Tiger Maple Furniture | Three Drawer ChestTiger Maple Custom Built Furniture..18th Century Style Craftsmanship. Uniquely Designed With Superior Construction Techniques, With The Beauty & Excellence, Of A time Gone By. To Be Handed Down From Generation To Generation. At the turn of the 18th century, some of the finest furniture ever built came into existence. That you won't find in your local furniture store.

The craftsman of the era produced some of the finest furniture to be found of that day, and even up until the present day. Click on the picture to see this beautiful Reproduction Three Drawer Chest During this 18th century there came about a change in the design & designing of furniture. This brought about Four New designs and they were the. William & Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Neoclassical As each one of these designs came about, they came one right after another.

They were all "Unique" and very detailed in the craftsmanship. These were exciting times! As each one of these was created, they seem to improve from period to period...

What is Tiger Maple?

Tiger maple which comes from maple trees. It's also known as curly maple, flame maple, fiddle back, tiger strip etc...It is caused by the pulling and tugging of the wood fibers as the tree grows which in turn distorts the fibers. This effect is said to be the grain of the wood and is also so known as figure.

It is said that it only occurs in 2.5% of the maple trees. It's a beautiful wood and is used in projects to build Tiger Maple Furniture, musical instruments such as violins, guitars because of it's durability and beauty.

Maple usually falls into two categories, Soft, and Hard, but the soft maple (tiger maple) is really not soft but it is compared to the hard maple. Actually, it is harder than cherry and oak and most other woods. It comes from the red maple tree and has a deep reddish color and is mainly native to the United States and Canada .

Tiger Maple is not to be confused with Birdseye Maple (Hard) wood that has small little knots and almost white to a lite brown color it comes from the Sugar Maple tree. You will not find this figured wood in your local lumber yard or store it will be sold by specialty lumber dealers that deal in exotic lumber.